Our world is characterized by an incredible fast pace. People are not only effected by that at work and the need to get fast results, but also when it comes to nutrition. Many people eat on the go, they do not take time anymore to cook and thus turn to processed food. Digestion starts in our mouth, if you do not take time enough to start the process properly your body will not be able to digest the food well and you will not be able to take up the potential amount of nutrients that are available in your food.


The pace at which people eat food is just one problem we face today. Unfortunatly the majority of food is still grown conventional, which includes significant chemical treatments during the production process. People are starting to realize, that if you eat veggies or animals products that were treated with chemicals, that these chemicals are actually absorbed in your own body. Organic food is still more expensive, but with a fast growing demand the price level will hopefully become much lower and therefore these products affordable for everybody. It is hopefully a no brainer that if you can choose between an organically grown tomato and a conventionally grown tomato that you would always go for the organic one if they are approximately the same price level. It is not only better for you but also better for the planet. Obesity is one of the major health problems faced by countries all over the world. Our lifestyle is becoming more and more setendary, but still people keep on eating the same amount. If you eat more and you move less it is obvious what is going to happen. This is so crucial, because the risk of many diseases increase significantly if you are above your optimal weight. The stress many people face at work is not helping much. If your stress level is too high your body reduces its activity to the most vital functions, fat burning for instance does not fall into this category. Losing weight but having a high stress level is thus simply impossible.

Never in the history of human life we had such a great understanding about nutrition and its importance to physical and mental performance like today.NXL

Never in the history of human life we had such a great understanding about nutrition and its importance to physical and mental performance like today. Despite this, a the majority of the population is completely ignoring the fact that good nutrition can not only help to prevent diseases but even cure some of them. The average diet today is characterized by high consumption of meat, dairy, high content of saturated and trans fats, refinded and processed food. The impact such a diet has on our health is already rather clear, greater risk of heart diseases, some forms of cancer, Alzheimer, high cholesterol levels(LDL), higher risk of diabetes type 2…the list is almost endless. Despite all these negative factors, many people still do not adapt their lifestyle accordingly. Living a healthy life is still seen as complicated, restricting and time consuming. Our app should help people to be able to access healthy recipes quickly.

There are so many great, healthy dishes from different countries all over the world, but finding them is still time consuming. The idea of having all tools needed for a healthy lifestyle right in one place was the basic idea we had in mind when we developed the app. Bookmark a recipe while scanning through content and it will automatically be saved in your NXL cookbook. If you created your own healthy recipe or you found a healthy recipe somewhere, why don’t you share it with the community so everyone can profit from it.

Hydration falls into the category of nutrition. Liquids can come from two sources, water or food. Your liquid intake depends on your activity level, your size, your gender, and the climate you are in. General guidelines are 30- 40ml per kilogram of body weight. It is key to stay hydrated well, because fluids carry nutrients to your cells, flush bacteria, prevent constipation, enable high physical and mental peformance, and much more. Your fluid intake should be gradually throughout the day, because your body cannot absorb it all at once. For that reason we recommend to carry a water bottle around with you all the time. It is convenient and the cheapest way to stay hydrated. Some options you can consider as sources for hydration: fruit juices, vitamin infused water, tea, and water. If you make your own vitamin infused water, make sure to use organic fruits, otherwise you will drink the chemicals from the fruits from it as well. If you go for fruit juices or tea, make them yourself or make sure there are no conservatives, sugar, artificial sweetner or other chemicals in there. That is also the reason why you should stay away from sodas.


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