Lifestyle is the third pillar for achieving optimal health. It does not just matter what you eat and that you move, but also how you spend the rest of your life. Stress at work is normal in such a fast changing and thus demanding world. Even if you have a job you are passionate about. Due to the impossibility to avoid that, it is more crucial than ever to find ways how to deal with this stress. Look for methods that can calm you down, make you appreciate the moments, and forget about the things at work.


Methods to relax and reduce mental pressure can have various forms. It can go from meditation over yoga to a walk in nature or just simply listening to classical music. The important part is, that you find means that make you relaxed and let a stressful day behind you. This will help you to reduce your anxiety and your cortisol level, which will impact your digestion, sleep and overall health. This is part of what many people call work-life balance. Work-life balance includes much more than that though. Humans are a social being, which means it is important to have some life besides work: friends, families, and nowadays also followers. The people surrounding you should not only have a positive influence on you, but support you in achieving your next life goals. This is why we created a social workout tracker that shares your completed workouts with people. Enganging with each other online and offline will help us achieve the ultimate goal of making the world a healthier place. We all have a close friend that we like to compete with, for that reason we included the “challenge friends” function in the workout screen.

It is hard to meet on a continous basis with friends to workout together, why don’t you challenge them to motivate each other reaching your full potentials. We all like to hang out with friends and family in our spare time. Unfortunately alcohol has become an integrative part of these meetups. There is nothing wrong about drinking a glass of wine in a restaurant on the weekend, but most of us would be better off cutting our alcohol consumption. Especially exessive and/or regular alcohol consumption is impacting our health negatively in various ways. It is unfortunately still the case that people look at some alcohol as being a must when going out with friends. From my own experience I can tell you that there is no issue with drinking water or an alcohol free beer. You would actually be suprised that there are sometimes suddenly other people that join you. Why don’t you try to influence your beloved ones?

You would actually be suprised that there are sometimes suddenly other people that join you. Why don’t you try to influence your beloved ones?NXL

Another important part, which is undervalued by many is sleeping. This includes six to eight hours of quality sleep at night, but can also mean taking a power nap at lunch time. A power nap can significantly boost your productivity and concentration if done at the right time. Yes, it does take 20 minutes, but you will easily make that “time loss” up by being more efficient afterwards.

Getting enough quality sleep at night plays an important role in your well-being, physical and mental health. The way you perceive things when you are awake depends on your sleep. While you are asleep your body works to support a healthy brain function and physical health. The effect of a lack of sleep can be instant or gradually over time. It does not only influence your health negatively, but also how you think, react, process things, and learn.

A healthy lifestyle further includes changing your mindset about moving a bit. We are at at point, where people pay a gym membership and then take the elevator before going on the elliptical for 45 minutes. That just does not make sense. Take the stairs and start your workout. You would be impressed to see how much activity you can integrate into your daily life without losing any time. Taking the elevator for three floors takes longer than walking. Take the bike for small distances around town or walk instead of taking the bus for one stop. Because every step counts, you get rewarded in the NXL app for every movement you do.


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