Exercising is deep in our gens, humanity needed to walk for miles in order to get the food to survive. Much has changed since then and our daily activity is not looking for food anymore. These days most of the people’s jobs are mind-based rather than physical. It might seem odd, but for that reason exercising has never been more important. The mind affects the body, but the body also affects the mind. Research that puts these two parts together are still in its infancy, but some of the latest science John Ratey mentioned in his books are promising.


Only a moving creature essentially needs a brain. It is almost like something magical happens when we exercise. Blood flow to the brain is increased and this increases the brain’s activity. Besides the increased blood flow, movement requires a great amount of cognitive functions, exercising thus not only trains your muscles but essentially also your brain. Some studies suggest that being in a good shape can increase your rate of learning. In the end of the day you can think of the brain like a muscle. The more you work it out the stronger it gets. Of course exercising does not only benefit your mind, but it is an important take home message, because many people complain they do not have time to work out because of their work. What about getting more efficient at work because of exercising?

Developing cognitive skills are just one positive side effect of exercising. From boosting your happiness to reducing the risk of many diseases and improving your memory and sleep almost are just a couple of examples of an almost endless list. If done correctly there are no disadvantages of moving more and exercising. The sedentary lifestyle most of the people have make them vulnerable muscular imbalances, which can lead to postural distortion, movement compensations, and in the end to pain. Such things can however come from different sources, no stretching after a workout or repetitive movements are two other examples.

In the app we use the five training phases of the National Academy of Sports’ Medicine OPT Model. Click on the respecitve phase to find some general information about the phase.NXL

If you now ask what is the best exercise plan to achieve an optimal development of the nervous system, I must say so far there has not been enough research to draw a conclusion. The important factor that you always have to consider is system overload. You will not progress towards a fitness goal if you do not challenge the system enough. Redefine your limits and go beyond your boundaries will help you to not only achieve your fitness goal, but also help you develop your cognitive skills to the next levels. Obviously always within your capabilities and by considering your health. When deciding on what workouts to do, use a balanced approach. Cycle through different training phases, challenge your body in various ways: from stabilization, to hypertrophy, to cardio. All should be included when designing your macro and meso training cycles.

When looking at workouts other people designed within the app you will see the training phase, the category, and the level. Choose an appropriate training level based on your actual fitness level. A higher level of difficulty does not mean faster results. If you are new to working out download some beginners workouts and work yourself step by step to higher levels. If you want to learn more about the five training phases we use click here.

Because of the necessity of exercising, we at NXL are commited to making it accessible for everyone. A well designed workout that will get you the results you want should be available at your fingertips. This is one aspect out Social Fitness App addresses. Because our vision is to make this world a healthier place, where less medications need to be consumed and people can live longer due more exercising, a well balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, we reward you for every move you do.


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